Real de Catorce Mexico


¡Hey 👨🏻‍🍳 Cooks and Flyers! 🛫

Here is the latest adventure to ”Pueblo Mágico Real de Catorce” Mexico, if you have never visited, you can’t miss it out on your travel bucket list.

Make sure you ride the traditional 4×4 ”Willys”, a very well maintained 60’s jeeps found only here, they will take you off road all the way to Real de Catorce from Estación Catorce, making your journey unbelievable. Once there, eat many “Gorditas” as you can.

Experience the exotic flavors of “Peyote”, bring your best warm clothes during the winter, enjoy the hospitality of the many boutique hotels and hostels, and make sure you have a blast. Location: Real de Catorce, S.L.P., Mexico. If you like the video hit the Subscribe button to receive new adventures and vegan recipes coming out soon.

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We have 111 ”Pueblos Mágicos” in Mexico check them out on the link:

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