5 TIPS you didn’t know about DUBAI, UAE.

Here are a few things you need to know before visiting Dubai.

1- Time zone.

The UAE is four hours ahead of GMT.

2- Language.

Arabic is the official language. However, English and Urdu are widely spoken.

3- Currency.

Dirhams (AED), divided into 100 fils.

4- Working hours.

  • Company: 9am-6pm.
  • Government: 7am-3pm.
  • Banking 8am-1pm (can vary).
  • Weekends are Friday and Saturday
  • (¡Yes! here we start the working week on Sundays).

5- Visas.

Residents of over 50 countries can get a UAE visitor’s visa on arrival. Please ensure your passport has two months’( in some cases six months’) validity to be granted entry to the United Arab Emirates.

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Thanks to the Atlas Magazine May 2018 Edition for the information.

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